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The country of Guatemala is beautiful, as well as it's people. The people need so many different things. Food, clean water, shoes, toiletries and other basic necessities. The children are loving and have a heart for helping people. The mountains are where most of the help is needed. All children do not attend school and this is a big issue. We absolutely love the people of Guatemala.

Guatemala and El Salvador. We are on the


El Salvador

El Salvador has the same basic needs as Guatemala. Water, food, clothes, shoes and toiletries. The children are amazing. They just want to know that someone in this world cares about them. Most of the people are poor and live the best way that they can. This takes away from the children being taken care of properly.



This is by far the one place that we go with the biggest need. There are so many children. The orphanage we support has over 160 children. They struggle everyday just to eat. The children are poor, malnourished and in bad health. The life expectancy is 53 years. The children of Uganda really need your help.

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